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"Candy" and "Pops & Suckers"
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  Baby Bottle Pop® Asmt  311786  18/inner
  Charms® Blow Pop® Asmt  306424  100/inner
  Dum Dum Pops® Asmt  308449  300/inner
  Dum Dum Pops® Bulk Asmt  308451  2400/case
  Giant Blow Pop  320281  12/case
  Giant Tootsie Pop  320282  12/case
  Ring Pops® Asmt  302226  24/inner
  Rock Crystal Candy Sticks 6.5in 36ct Tub Asmt  318117  36/inner
  Smarties® Mega Double Lollies  312758  60/inner
  Teeny Lollipops 1.5in Asmt  319682  48/inner

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