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"Your firm is outstanding. When others ask, I always recommend you. Thank you for making Redemption Plus what it is."
Saul, Andy B's
"Crane Products" and "Giant Crane"
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Care Bears 48in Asmt  325803  1/case
  Dinosaurs 26in Asmt  323165  each
Donkey Kong 44in  325811  1/case
  Dozy Jungle Animal 26in Asmt  324114  each
  Dozy Jungle Animals 44in Asmt  324115  each
Exclusive Product Neon Apees Plush 29in Asmt  318344  each
  Neon Funky Monkey Plush Bundles  325940  6/kit
  Neon Funky Monkeys 26in Asmt  324909  each
  Nintendo Luigi 36in  326045  each
  Nintendo Mario 36in  326037  each

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