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Top Selling Redemption Merchandise

These are the top selling items from the previous day. This list is updated each day so you’ll always be up to date on what our top movers are.

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name SKU qty/units
  Digital Display Labels  401  each
  Samurai Sword 24in Asmt  303591  24/inner
  Full Size Playing Cards Asmt  310047  12/inner
  Neon Coil Spring 35mm Asmt  310066  12/inner
Hasbro® Grab N Go™ Travel Games Asmt  720492  6/case
Glow In Dark Putty 2in Asmt  313103  24/inner
  Puffer Ball 5in Asmt  311297  12/inner
  Homedics® 4-Head Mini Massager  700001  each
  FUN DIP® Candy Asmt  301579  48/inner
Dart Blaster  309583  6/inner

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