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"Crane Kits" and "Candy Crane"
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name SKU qty/units
  25 Ticket Capsule Kit 2in Acorn Deluxe Candy 250pc $0.238avg  313655  250/kit
  Candy Crane 2300pc Kit-No Taffy, Gooey, or Gummy Candy $0.051avg  312825  2300/kit
Candy Crane 4000pc Kit-No Sucker Sticks $0.032avg  313582  4000/kit
Candy Crane Mix 1600pc $0.037avg  317806  1600/kit
Candy Crane Mix 3200pc $0.037avg  308913  3200/kit
  Snork Candy Crane 1800pc $0.067avg  315242  1800/kit
Tootsie Roll® 4320pc Mix Kit $0.022avg  319884  4320/kit