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"The extra steps you take really make my job easier!"
Karey Blankenship, All American Fun Park

"Crane Kits" and "Small Plush"
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name SKU qty/units
  Angry Birds 7in Asmt  320508  each
Care Bears™ 8.5in Asmt  318406  each
  Expanding Sphere 7in  320460  48/case
  Luigi Plush 8.5n  320342  each
  Pac-Man® Classic 7in Asmt  320506  each
Pokeball 5.5in Asmt  320797  each
Pokemon™ Characters 6-8in Asmt  320798  each
Small Crane 100% Licensed 100pc Kit $2.99avg  306200  100/kit
Small Crane 25% Licensed 100pc Kit $1.59avg  311280  100/kit
  Small Crane 50% Licensed 100pc Kit $1.99avg  318400  100/kit

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