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Liz Tamez, Incredible Pizza Company
"Merchandiser Products" and "Capsule Displays"
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name SKU qty/units
  19mm Diamonds Display  323179  1/case
  Candy Craze Display  323375  1/case
  Candy Craze Premium Display Card  323761  1/case
  Dog Bone Display  323177  1/case
  Emoji Erasers Display  323885  1/case
  Fluffy Slime 2in Capsule Display  322063  1/case
  High Bounce Balls Display  322250  1/case
  Laser Cut Rings Display  323181  1/case
  Octo Stickies Display  322258  1/case
  Poop Toys 2in Capsule Display  322065  1/case

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