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"You always go above and beyond to make sure we find what we need!"
Liz Tamez, Incredible Pizza Company

Redemption Plus has developed these exclusive brands for popular redemption and incentive products. What’s in a name? These stand for quality products and quality packaging. Better prizes equal a better customer experience.

Redemption Plus is also the exclusive distributor to the amusement industry of several big-name brands, such as Domo® DC Comics™.

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Exclusive Product Animal Assortment 10in 100pcs Kit $1.19avg  317988  100/kit
Exclusive Product Big One Knobby 10pc Kit $3.089avg  318834  10/kit
Exclusive Product Bowling Pin Plush 8in Asmt  317190  12/inner
Exclusive Product Colorful Monkey 12in Asmt  305149  each
Cosmoglo™ Flying Disc 8in  319192  each
Exclusive Product Domo® DC Comics™ 10in Assortment  318439  each
Exclusive Product Domo® DC Comics™ 7in Asmt  318440  each
Exclusive Product Funny Face Plush 6in Asmt  315130  each
Furry Cat Hat Assortment  318633  each
  Ghostsmashers Plush Asmt  320266  each

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