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"Merchandiser Kits" and "Capsule"
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25 Ticket Crystal Animal Capsule 220pc Kit $0.272avg  320081  220/kit
  100 Ticket Foam Key Chains Capsule 220pc Kit $0.674avg  320088  220/kit
  100 Ticket Sticky Jungle 2in 220pc Capsule Kit $0.779avg  319890  220/kit
  100 Ticket Tongue Tuggers 2in Capsule 250pc Kit $0.618avg  318874  250/kit
  100 Ticket Villian Buildable Capsule 250pc Kit $0.5836 avg  320089  250/kit
  15 Ticket Cantina Eraser 2in Capsule 250pc Kit $0.161avg  317418  250/kit
15 Ticket Capsule Kit 2in Acorn 250pc $0.149avg  305388  250/kit
  15 Ticket Sticky Critters Mix 2in Capsule 250pc Kit $0.236avg  319768  250/kit
1in Round Capsules $0.12avg  306517  250/inner
25 Ticket Camo Rings 2in Capsule Kit 250pc $.258avg  320477  250/kit

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